GECF to Pick Adeli Successor in Moscow
GECF to Pick Adeli Successor in Moscow

TEHRAN, Oct. 02 (Shana) The Gas Exporting Coutnries Forum is scheduled to elect its next secretary general in its upcoming meeting in Moscow to succeed Iran’s Mohammad Hossein Adeli.

The official said picking his successor will be top on the forum’s agenda in the Moscow meeting. 

Furthermore, members will review the latest gas market developments and exchange market data with each other, he said. 

Consideration and endorsement of the body’s 5-year plan, offered by the secretariat, will also be on the meeting’s agenda, Adeli added.

He said two serious candidates have nominated for the post from Russia and Libya who have been interviewed by the forum’s executive council and are being prepared for interviews with member countriesministers.

Asked whether any new members will be added to the body, Mr. Adeli said he had encouraged Peru and Azerbaijan to join the group and also had talks with Angola, Australia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Turkmenistan for joining the group.

I think a number of the mentioned countries will join GECF provided that the talks will be followed up on [by my successor].”

The energy ministers of members of the forum who account for 44% of the world's natural gas output, 67% of gas reserves, 64% of gas delivered through pipeline and 66% of LNG trade in the world, will meet in Moscow on October 4 for the 19th time.

The new secretary general will officially start his work in January 2018.

During 4 years in his post as GECF Secretary General, Mohammad Hossein Adeli, displayed an outstanding performance by providing the complete global gas econometric model, joining the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI), increasing the number of GECF members, forming a new organ in GECF called the Technical and Economic Council (TEC), holding monthly seminars at GECF headquarters, performing structural changes to the GECF secretariat, etc.

Establishing institutionalized relations with leading energy bodies of the world including the International Energy Agency, the International Energy Forum, the International Gas Union, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), EARIA, and OLADE is among other achievements of Mr. Adeli during his 4-year tenure.

Furthermore, Mr. Adeli pursued formation of a data and statistics council and the data and statistics administration and data center at GECF headquarters. He also added the environment unit to the GECF organizational structure.

Adeli also set out the long-term GECF strategy which was endorsed by the members at the body's 17th meeting in Tehran.

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is an international governmental organization which provides the framework for exchanging experience and information among Member Countries. GECF is a gathering of the world’s leading gas producers and was set up as international governmental organization with the objective to increase the level of coordination and strengthen the collaboration among Member countries.

GECF also seeks to build a mechanism for a more meaningful dialogue between gas producers and gas consumers for the sake of stability and security of supply and demand in global natural gas markets.

In accordance with the GECF Statute, the organization is aiming to support the sovereign rights of its Members over their natural gas resources and their abilities to develop, preserve and use such resources for the benefit of their peoples, through the exchange of experience, views, information and coordination in gas-related matters.

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